2019 Blender Gallery

Oct 05, 2019

I’m doing a deep dive into Blender 2.8 as part of my DofE Gold award by doing a render each week. See the results here!

Week 1 - Procedural Landscape Generatoion (Cycles)

The first image is my rendition of this tutorial. I was unsatisfied with my texturing, so I adapted the same technique with my own shader to create the low-poly Mars-like render on the right. Complete with martian birds! I’ve done some similar tests using animation nodes to warp a mesh, which i think would be more efficient, however it’s been hard to get the same easing in the height.

Week 2 - Seamless particle loop with Animation Nodes (EEVEE)

Excusing the low quality of the gif, this was my attempt to create a seamless particle loop using the mighty Animation Nodes (best plugin!). No matter what I did I was unable to avoid a small bit of stuttering at the looping point, but overall I’m pleased with the result.

Week 3 - The DMate Device (EEVEE)

A modeling amd materials study based on the aesthetic of camera lenses and watches.

Week 4 - Procedural Stary Sky Wallpaper (EEVEE)

Procedural textures are really cool. A few minutes building a shader and BAM, infinite variation, infinite tiling and no repetition. To challenge my skills I made this stary sky wallpaper, which you can download here.

Week 5 - Sparks Animation (Cycles)

I’ve been finding I’m overestimating my abilities and getting caught up, so for the next few weeks I’m going to stick to following tutorials. This one was based off of this tutorial by BlenderGuru.

I also took the opportunity to brush up on my lighting, yielding the image below.

Week 6 - Realistic Rain (Cycles)

This is probably by best render yet, and a fun one too. Based off of this tutorial.

Week 7 - Assorted Jars

A few jars I had fun creating. Based off of this tutorial

Week 8 - Clay Shader

A clay shader I tested making, complete with procedural finger prints. Based off of this.